Celebrating 1 Year of Running Green Shoes

Celebrating 1 Year of Running Green Shoes

When Green Shoes became employee run over a year ago, we had to find our position within a brand which came steeped in history.

We stand with the core values and culture of Green Shoes, which includes making resoleable and repairable footwear, carefully designed with the planet in mind. But more than this, now we have stakes in the brand, we feel strongly that we must make footwear we believe in- stylish, with a high level of craftsmanship, and comfortable too.

We went through the collection as a team, with 40 years of patterns we needed to reduce the offering, and now have a limited, modernised range. Most of the decision were unanimous and some happened organically without us even realising.

This is testament to how close we have all become and how, as a team, we are not just colleagues but friends, with the respect and trust that real friends have. Each of us feels comfortable to put forth ideas and we all collaborate to bring those ideas to fruition. If we don’t believe in it, we don’t do it and if we all believe in it, we strive together to make it happen.

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