Leather and Vegan Colours

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Click a colour to view a larger swatch, place a tick in the box for each colour you would like to order then click submit (MAX 7 SWATCHES PLEASE!). We will send you what is available and also anything else close to your chosen colour range that we think you might like.

LEATHER colours usually available are described and seen in each section, colours can vary on the screen and colour samples are always available, so do ring us or email us for any further details you require.

All our colour ranges are subject to availability, as we do not mass-produce our shoes there are not thousands of square feet of each colour held in stock. This means that our colours can change, making each pair even more unique. We would always keep you informed about any changes during the ordering time.

If you are looking for a specific colour not listed you can always ask if we have it.

We tend to always have in stock; Red, Plum, Chocolate, Peat, Emerald, Black.

We can make both children's styles and adult's styles in a single colour or multi-coloured, where the front and back would be in colour A and the sides in colour B. Please state clearly which colour you require for A and B via email after payment confirmation.

VEGAN MATERIAL (Micro-fibres) colours usually available are; red, purple, navy blue, brown and black.

Both ranges are subject to availability. To order a multicoloured shoe, please email us.

The colours illustrated are not necessarily representative.


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Ecotan Leather

Vegan Microfibres