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Walking Boot

Natural walking boots - simple, sturdy and comfortable.
Hand made from supple Leather or Vegan Lorica in your size and width fitting, with a Vibram tractor sole.

These are not like traditional walking boots but are a more comfortable and flexible design that can be made to order in any width.

No stiff plastic inserts, insoles or liners, these durable boots support and mould to your foot shape. The bellows tongue keeps out grit & dirt, and the laces tie up through 4 holes & 3 D-Rings.

Please note: This is a breatheable, water repellant boot that can be treated with wax polish or protector and will dry quickly if wet. Suitable for moderate weather conditions.

Fully resoleable and repairable.

When ordering Walking Boots, please take a measurement of the circumference of the ankle/ leg at 15 cm off the ground and note on foot drawings.

Price: £350.00

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