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Dog Collars

Lots of customers have asked us to make accessories for their pets over the years, and now we can offer a range of sizes, styles & colours for your dog too! Handmade from the finest materials with solid brass fixtures.
Great Range of 100% Vegan Colours also available.

Small Dog Collar £23:
35cm x 1.3cm, will fit 25cm - 31cm neck.
Medium Dog Collar £27:
42cm x 2.2cm, will fit 30cm - 36cm neck
Large Dog Collar £29:
50cm x 2.2cm, will fit 36cm - 45cm neck

Whippet Collar £37:
38cm x 4cm at widest part, will fit 29cm - 34cm neck.

Greyhound Collar £40:
48cm x 6cm at widest part, will fit 34cm - 41cm neck.

We are happy to give quotes for other dimensions.
Limited edition patterned leather samples available on request. Shown here are our Whippet Collar in Emerald, greyhound Collar in Red Leather and Small Dog Collar in Purple Nubuck.

Price: £23.00 - £40.00

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