Soling Choices

Unless specified all Green Shoes for men and women are available in a choice of soling materials. Each sole type has different qualities but all have been chosen for their hardwearing properties and we have used them for decades. There are examples of all the soles on different styles of shoes on the website. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Natural Crepe Rubber - l-r , heel, wedge or a flat sole.
This is our original soling material it is naturally very comfortable and acts as a good shock absorber. The crepe we use comes from rubber plantations in Sri Lanka, and is a renewable resource. When the crepe has been worn smooth it can become slippery; time for a resole! The crepe is bleached white but in wear this natural rubber rapidly becomes darker brown in colour. Direct heat, petrol and some solvents can affect crepe adversely.

We can make the crepe sole in 3 different ways - a plain traditional shaped sole with a heel - a wedge shaped sole - or with no heel raise at all making the crepe sole completely flat, zero drop.

Tyre Sole - l-r wedge, heel or completely flat.
Our new favourite! This is a non-slip soling material made from blown rubber, that offers rugged durability and good grip without the deep cleats. It is comfortable and light to wear. We can also make this sole to any width and in a variety of ways - with a heel, a wedge sole or completely flat in a  'barefoot style'. Zero drop.

 "Vibram" Wedge
This is an attractive black wedge shaped sole made from "Vibram" blown rubber. It is our lightest sole, combining flexibility and grip with a functional ridged tread. Ideal for those who want the lightest possible shoe.

"Vibram" Tractor Sole - a complete unit with a heel, fixed shape and crepe layer.
This is our heaviest type of branded sole - ideal for those who walk miles over rough terrain. Cleated and very hard wearing, we would only recommend it for walking boots and big winter boots. There is a width limit to this soling unit, we will advise on ordering if it is not suitable for your order. We use this soling materila with a crepe runner for added comfort.