How to order a pair of Green Shoes

Ordering Online

Stage 1 - Choose a style from our collection.

Stage 2 - Select whether you would like traditional leather or vegan shoes

Stage 3 - Tick Boxes for:
a) Soling choice (soling & resoling).
b) Colour choices (colours)
c) Appliqué type and colour.
d) Size: please state your usual shoe size and width (
shoe sizing charts) however we make shoesbased on 'foot drawings' and therefore this is an only a guide for us.
e) Select the fit you require for any women's long boots (ordering long boots). Again, an approximation of fit is fine; we use your measurements to select which size to make you.

Stage 4 - Click 'Add to Basket' and either carry on shopping or process your order.

Stage 5 - To process your order, simply fill in and submit your personal and payment details. The submit button is sometimes far down the page, please ensure you scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Stage 6 - Please send us your foot drawings, and any calf measurements for long boots. We cannot use scanned images emailed to us as it distorts the drawing.

Stage 7 - Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email with estimated delivery date. At busy times, this might take up to a week to receive.

Stage 8 - On receipt of your 'foot drawings' we will contact you if we would like to send your shoes for a fitting. At a fitting, we send your shoes at an unfinished stage for you to test the fit. At this stage, the fit of the footwear can be easily amended. A fitting costs £7 additional p&p. We will also contact you if your order is a 'Special Order' (see below).

Please note, all return postal charges are at the expense of the customer; sometimes during the process of making shoes a couple of fittings are required.

We are able to make standard sized footwear, please contact us immediately after placing your order if you would like a standard UK size.

Special Order

We are not orthopaedic shoemakers, however we can often accommodate wide feet, bunions, high insteps, inserts e.t.c. A 'special order' is a non-standard shoe, boot or sandal made for your individual requirements with modifications to the patterns and lasts.

This is all extra work and is charged on a sliding scale from £30 to £200. Sometimes getting the fit of non-standard shoes right can take several fittings and very occasionally it doesn't work. Shoemaking is not an exact science it is a combination of measurements and experience.

We begin these transactions by making it clear that we will have to charge a non-refundable deposit of between £50- £100 for labour and materials as part of the commitment to the work. 

Please note, we cannot take commissions for alternative footwear designs.

Photographs of a customers feet can be very helpful if this is possible, barefoot and wearing some shoes.

If you need any help with placing an order, please contact us.

Thank you for ordering Green Shoes.