How to draw and measure your feet

Adults shoes

We will make you the best fit of shoes possible from our standard range of full and half sizes, with a choice of 4 width fittings: C narrow, D average, E wide and F wider.

1. Please state your usual shoe size and width.
2. Tell us about any difficulties you usually have when buying shoes, e.g. narrow heels.
3.Please say if you have had Green Shoes before, as you will be on file.
4. Draw around both your feet when standing up (see drawing) - you need someone to do this for you. Please draw carefully, because an accurate drawing will help us to fit you properly. Use thin paper and a sharp pencil, keeping the pencil as upright as possible. Keep your socks on if they are to be worn with the shoes.

5. Next, we need you to measure right the way around each foot. Simply stand with the tape measure underneath the widest part of your foot (the ball, which is the area between the big toe joint and the little toe joint). Bring the tape measure up the sides until it meets on top of the foot, and read off the measurement (preferably in millimetres).If possible some photos of your feet if you have particular issues can be very helpful and easily sent on an email.

Please post your foot drawings to us as they become inaccurate if sent via email.

6. Women's long boots (Iris, Iris Calf Boot and Poppy) are available with a Narrow, Medium or Wide leg fit. We will need some simple calf measurements to see which fit is best for you - please see ordering long boots for details of how to do this.

7.Once we have received your drawings if we do not think that we can accommodate your requirements with a standard size we will inform you and either arrange a Special Order where possible, or cancel your order with a full refund (see our Conditions of Business).


Special Order is a non standard shoe boot or sandal made for your individual requirements with modifications to the patterns and lasts.

This is all extra work and is charged on a sliding scale from £30 to £150 depending on the amount of work, sometimes getting the fit of the shoes right can take several fittings and very occasionally it doesn't work - shoemaking is not an exact science it is a combination of measurements and experience. We begin these transactions by making it clear that we will have to charge a non refundable deposit  of between £50 - £100 for materials etc as part of the commitment to the work. 

Please note, if you have very difficult feet or severe foot problems we may not be able to help you, as we are not orthopaedic shoemakers.

Children's shoes

We will make the best fit of shoes possible from our standard range of full and half sizes for children, with a choice of 4 width fittings: E, F, G and H.

To order, simply:
1. State your child's current shoe size and width. Please tell us about any difficulties you may have when buying footwear for your child.

2. Please follow the same instructions as for adult ordering, and draw around your child's feet on a plain piece of thin paper.

3. We can make children's styles in a single colour or multi-coloured, where the front and back would be one colour and the sides in another. Please select which colour you require for each.