Friday 8th May 2020

The Beginnings of Green Shoes.

Friday 8th May.

We, myself Alison and Sarah Almy started Green Shoes in 1981 in Totnes Devon. We had met at Exeter university and after I graduated I went off in search of a way of learning to make shoes. I had had enough of academic work and wanted to earn my living using my hands, I was young idealistic and had no debts. In the 1970's you could get a full grant for a university education. So I was free to imagine the simple life I wanted and I found Andy Langford and Graham Kitchener who had just started making shoes in Totnes and calling themselves 'The Conker Shoe Co'.

I met them at Hood Fayre in Hood meadows Dartington in June 1978, this was a non electric medieval themed fayre. I was there selling vintage clothes and saw these two bearded men with aprons on selling the shoes they had made. I introduced myself and they were singularly uninterested when I said I wanted to learn to make shoes and would come to their workshop to help with no expectation of being paid. I learnt later that many people had said this to them and never turned up but I did. I had found something that really sparked my imagination and I felt full of motivation I was on a mission...

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The workshop and office are currently closed for a weeks break before we re-open our refurbished shop on 12th April. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our large airy shop with its display of summer sandals!

You can continue to place orders on-line and we look forward to hearing from you. 


As a small team we will continue to take all the neccesary precautions to keep our customers and ourselves safe. 

Many thanks, best wishes and keep safe to all our customers and suppliers.

 From all at Green Shoes.